Our Customised Concept

MEĀ Custom Skin Lab is a made-to-order concentrated skin care system that is freshly blended and completely customised to your skin type, skin concerns and personal preferences. 

Individually customised

We produce tailored formulations with active ingredients targeted at your skin type and specific skin concerns. Dosing of active ingredients like Vitamin C, Retinol and acids can be increased over time as it takes time for skin to become adjusted. The goal is for your skin to get most out of these active ingredients without becoming unnecessarily sensitised.

Scientifically proven ingredients

We exclusively work with a carefully selected range of well established, scientifically proven active ingredients at the recommended dosage. You can read more about our selection of active ingredients here.

Fresh and made-to-order

Your skin solutions are produced fresh, just after your order is placed. This means that sensitive ingredients such as antioxidants that lose potency over time are freshly mixed in just before shipping. Because we believe that potent skin care should be used fresh, our products have a 3-month expiration date.

More concentrated = more simple

One solution to be applied in the morning, and one solution to be applied in the evening. Both solutions are 2-in-1 serum moisturisers, containing a serum part; with concentrated ingredients tailored to your skin concerns, and a moisturising part; with nourishing natural oils tailored to your skin type. No more layering of different serums and moisturisers.

NEW - Small limited batch productions

Recently, we started producing our most requested formulations from our customised skin care concept in limited, regular batches. Our clients love these so much that we wanted to make it more widely available.

Like our customised skincare, it is produced fresh in our London lab and shipped directly to our clients. This equally enables us to use high concentrations of sensitive active ingredients which normally lose potency (and efficacy) over time. By producing small limited batches, we can still achieve the same fresh product for our clients. 

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